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Discipline Corps Repairs Shower in Playspace

14 Jan 2013 6:07 PM | Anonymous
January 12th & 13th was a busy time for some of the guys of Discipline Corps. 

In addition to our normal quarterly meeting and play party, we had a work weekend at the playspace.  Over the two day period, with the help of David D., the long unused shower at the playspace was taken apart, made functional and rebuilt.

The front wall was reframed with a a single glass window allowing visibility from the shower to the social area for guys that have a bit of an exhibitionist streak.  Rotting melamine panels were replaced with sturdy cement board and skinned with a plastic product designed to provide an easily cleaned, waterproof surface.  The old, broken, leaky valve handle is scheduled for replacement in the next couple of weeks.

"The repair of the shower will help us add a whole new dimension of convenience and even play for many of our guests," cheers Run Captain Justin B, one of those who pushed for the project.

Ownership and management of the playspace have been very generous with their thanks and their praise of the new facility.

On behalf of the Discipline Corps EC, I would like to thank David D, our contractor and coach, and all of the guys who pitched in to help make this project happen!

-- Matt D.
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