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Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't Discipline Corps just a men's sex club?

No, DC is a male-exclusive club where men with similar interests in S/M and Discipline congregate monthly to engage in BDSM activities.  While BDSM play is sensual and frequently erotic, it isn't necessarily sexual.

Do I have to play at the party, or can I just watch?

There's no requirement that you play.  Many of our first-time guests don't play, whether because they're new to BDSM, or they want to get a feel for "what's appropriate" at our play parties. Coming to a play party and watching is a great way to learn what BDSM activities might interest you.

We encourage you to do what feels right for you. Of course, we'd rather you played.  It adds to the energy for everyone, and you'll probably have more fun.

I'm not into spanking or "discipline", can I still come?

Of course.  We have members and guests who are into a wide range of BDSM activities.  A few of the things you might find at any given play party are:

  • Mummification
  • Rope Bondage
  • Suspension Bondage
  • Clothes Pins
  • CBT
  • Hot Wax
  • Medical Play
  • Spanking
  • Flogging
  • Single Tail Whips
  • Electrical Play
You should have no problem finding something that interests you.


Can I bring my spouse/partner/significant other to a play party?

If your spouse/partner/significant other is male-identified, age 21 or older, and comfortable in an environment of men engaging in BDSM activities with one another, of course.  Talk to your sponsor and see about getting access for them.


Can I bring my spouse/partner/significant other to a bar night?

Our bar nights are open to anyone, age 21 or older, who wishes to attend.


Can you find someone to < insert fantasy > to me?

Quite possibly!

If you're new to the group and interested in something specific, talk with your sponsor or any of the club's members.  They may be able to refer you to someone within the group who's into what you are and perhaps make an introduction.  But you'll have to negotiate your scene from there.


Is this safe?

While we do everything we can to provide a safe environment for play, nothing in life is guaranteed.

We do believe, however, that playing in a play party environment is among the safest ways to play.  There is always at least one "Dungeon Monitor" on duty at our play parties.  While this may sound intimidating, this person's responsibility is mostly to make sure things go smoothly in the play space and to lend a helping hand if something goes wrong.  If he happens to notice something he feels is unsafe, he'll point it out to the top and suggest some alternatives.

Also, most of our members are experienced players and are more than willing to lend a helping hand and their experience when asked, or when it's apparent it's needed.

Who can attend Discipline Corps's events?

Discipline Corps events are open to any male-identified individual, age 21 or over, who is interested in engaging in BDSM activities with other men.

What if I do not know someone to sponsor me for a play party?

Discipline Corps holds monthly bar nights. These events are open to anyone that wants to attend, and offer an excellent opportunity to get to know a little more about the group. Check our Events Calendar for dates/times.

It's quite possible you'll run into someone you know who is a member and might be willing to sponsor you.  You can also talk with any of the club's officers who can, and frequently will, sponsor you for your first couple of events.

How will I recognize the Discipline Corps group at the bar?

We usually tend to cluster with other Discipline Corps members somewhere in the bar. The best way to find us is to look for the Discipline Corps logo on either our banner which is hung in the bar when we're there, or on back patches on our bar vests.  If you're still not sure where to find us, talk to one of the bartenders.  Most of them know us and will be happy to point us out to you.  If they aren't too busy, they may even bring you over and introduce you.

What should I wear to a bar night?

There really is no dress code.  If you own and are comfortable in leather, or other fetish gear, we encourage you to wear it, but jeans and a t-shirt with boots are perfectly acceptable as well.

Because our bar nights are held at a bar regulated by TABC, we do have to insist that your attire be considered bar legal - that is, genitals must be covered and you must have at least a 1" strap covering your crack.

What should I wear to a play party?

There really is no dress code.  If you own and are comfortable in leather, or other fetish gear, we encourage you to wear it, but jeans and a t-shirt with boots (or even sneakers) are perfectly acceptable as well. 

Because our play parties are held in a venue with other businesses nearby, we do request that whatever you're wearing be somewhat conservative, certainly street legal, until you get in the door.  Changing facilities are available for you to change into whatever you'd like once you arrive.  Also, nudity is perfectly acceptable at Discipline Corps play parties.

I've seen your group at the bar, and you don't seem to be very friendly to outsiders.

Most of our guys are very welcoming and happy to chat with newcomers about the group and about our play in general.  We encourage you to step into groups of guys chatting and to introduce yourself. 

For some of us, bar nights are the only time we see each other from month to month, and we've been known to get a little caught up in catching up and sometimes forget how hard it can be for some guys to step in and say hello.  It's not an intentional thing, just one that happens from time to time.

I have questions about your group or your events that I'm not seeing answered here and I don't think I know any members of the group.  Can you help?

Of course!  We're happy to answer questions.
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