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COVID Volunteer Opportunities

31 Mar 2021 2:26 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Good Day Brothers, 

The following email came to us several days ago from one of our members. Please consider lending a hand if you can. I have slightly edited the email for anonymity. 


My partner (D.M.) and I discovered that we could volunteer at the Fair Park COVID Shot Mega Center for 15 hours (directing traffic, helping people sign up, giving directions, etc.) and we were then immediately eligible to get our first vaccine shot.

Any adult, any age, can volunteer and then start the shot process, starting tomorrow.

Would you consider alerting the DC Membership about this?

Volunteer sign up (half days or full days) is on the Voly.org website, here.

The first step is to create a Voly.org account (choose Create an account, see pic below). I don’t remember where the site lands you after you create an account, but if you’re not seeing the opportunities at the Dallas County Vaccine Mega Center at Fair Park, just click here and then choose "Click here to volunteer for Covid Site!".


The volunteer opportunities are grouped into two-week windows. Find the window you want to volunteer in and then click on the red “I Want to Help” bar. (You can ignore the green bar and the date in gray bar.) From there you’ll go to a calendar view that shows the available opportunities by day – if you’re logged into your account, there will be a check box next to “sign up” – check the box and then “Submit & Sign Up”.

It’s not the most user friendly site – I would recommend doing this on a computer rather than on your phone as the mobile site is even harder to navigate!

Please text me if you have questions.



If you need help I will assist as I can, president@disciplinecorps.com.

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