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Another Great Esprit de Corps Weekend

18 Mar 2012 9:42 AM | Anonymous

Hot men. High Energy.  Great Play!

You guys raised the bar once again for EdC.  The buzz, both in person and on the 'net has been incredibly positive, and we've already gotten commitments from many of our guests to be back next year.

Attendance was higher than ever with 87 full weekend packages and 20 Individual event packages sold (This doesn't include the guys who purchased tickets through SouthPlains or joined us on Sunday using regular DC Monthly Party Tickets.)  That's a 16% jump in full weekend packages over last year - Pretty incredible when you consider how astronomical air fares have gotten lately.)  With representatives from 15 brother clubs and three countries, the event featured a very mixed crowd!

The playspace was hopping for all three play parties with several party-long scenes and an almost constant soundtrack of howls and moans.  Our own Issac T., Brenton K. & Craig S. kept us well fed during the play parties with a great mix of munchies.

Speaking of food... our Saturday dinner took another leap as we moved from buffet service to a seated dinner.  Everyone seemed to love Kay Agnew's new Bridge Bistro/Twilight Room, and Kay absolutely loved the rose-tipped leather flogger that was presented to her in honor of our 5th year dining with her - she kind of stole the show when she commented to Justin that she'd once owned a suede one.. come to think of it, her aim was spot on when she swung it.

Also in the awards category, Jon B. of SF was presented with a certificate for his Outstanding Support and Exemplary Recruiting Efforts for EdC over the years.  Accompanying the certificate was a lovely Black & Decker Toaster Oven thanking him for his contributions.

The Dallas Eagle hosted our mixed Bar Night with the men from SouthPlains Leather Fest - a bar night which quickly went to the dogs as BD Creations and PupOut.org took over the pool table and surrounding area with a puppy mosh pit.  Enjoyment of the Scooby Snacks was, as usual, not limited to the pups!

After a full afternoon on play on Sunday, the group took over the back room at Ojeda's.  No exact count, but it's a pretty safe bet we numbered well into the 60's.  Sunday Mexican Dinner was a great way to start winding down from an incredible weekend, and we followed it up with a couple of hours at the Dallas Eagle for a last bit of play and camaraderie with friends old and new.

Kudos to all the guys under the leadership of Run Captain Justin B for all their hard work in pulling the great weekend off and making it seem truly effortless.

Even if you didn't manage to make it this year, be sure to put the weekend of March 08-10, 2013 on your calendar so you can join us next year!
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