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Dallas is served by two major airports.  Dallas Love Field (DAL) is served primarily by Southwest Airlines, and is in-city, convenient to all event venues.  DFW International (DFW) is about a 30 minute drive from most of our venues and is served by all major airlines.  We encourage you to take a look at Southwest, their competitive fares, free bags policy, and proximity to all the event venues make them well at look.


Since many of our out of town guests have informed us they can get better hotel deals online, we have not set up an official host hotel for the event.

If you choose to make alternate reservations, you'll find most properties listed near Love Field or Dallas Market Center to be quite convenient to all of the event venues.

Gear Shipping-

Let's face it... "Traveling light" is not in the vocabulary of us kinky men, and not all of our gear is exactly TSA friendly, so consider shipping your gear ahead to meet you at the first play party. 

If you wish to ship gear in for the weekend, please adhere to the guidelines below.
  • Please address your package as indicated below:
[Your Name]-EdC
c/o: Richard "Berlin" Beasimer
7601 Pennyburn Dr
Dallas, TX  75248
(214) 519-8374
  • Please also enable shipping notifications to: EdCShipping@DisciplineCorps.com, so we know your package is coming.
  • Packages should be sent to arrive between March 1st and March 8th (which allows an extra day to get your package here should there be a snafu).  It is preferable that you NOT require a signature for your delivery, as the above is a residential address and requiring a signature may delay delivery. 
  • Your gear will be available for pick up at the Playspace when you check in.  If you plan on shipping gear home, we recommend that you pack a small roll of packing tape inside your package for use in resealing it.
For return shipments:  we recommend you print a return shipment label at the time you create your outbound shipment label.  We will, however, have a computer and printer available at the run site should you need to create prepaid shipping labels onsite.  We will make one "package drop" to a FEDEX facility to drop off packages with airbills.

Please note that neither Discipline Corps nor Richard Beasimer will accept liability for mislaid gear shipments, though we'll do our utmost to assist you in locating them.

If you need additional assistance in planning your travel, please let us know and we'll do our best to assist you.
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